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Prado Olympic Shooting Park is the outdoor range of our choice for most of our live fire programs.  We are always working to expand our offerings, but at this time... here are the many ways in which our quality of training in the lab can translate to the live fire range with your firearm!

These shoots occur with the owners of Artemis and are offered 4x/month on select Wednesdays and Fridays.  These classes initially were developed so that spouses and partners that vary at different skill levels could train at the same time.   With a maximum number of four (4) students, the two hour session is filled with a challenging course that is adjusted to the individuals within the group.  Register Now


This live shoot class is a must for any student who has successfully completed the tactical shooting component of the CCW or has recently completed the Pistol 1, 2 & 3 series with recommendations to advance to the transitions class.  During this three (3) hour shoot, you will go through the course of fire in conjunction with the current ccw candidates during a ccw shoot weekend.   A holster, mag pouches, at least three magazines per gun, as well as 100 rounds of ammo per firearm are required for this class. If you are considering doing an Add-a-gun, let us know and use the firearm that you wish to add during the shoot... We will give you a certificate that you will submit to the CCW licenseing depart of the OCSD. Each week we have a CCW class, we will open up seats to fill the 18 student roster.  If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please find a date on our calendar that you would be interested in and email Terra today.

Once we have evaluated your safety and dedication to mastery at skill at arms through participation in our 4M marksmanship classes, you will be invited to participate in Club2A. This invitation only event is held monthly at Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino Hills on "Condor Range". During our Club2A shoots, trainees shoot their own firearms using the same techniques that they have been mastering during the 4M  classes. All shooting is done from the holster and we shoot from a variety of positions. Targets include both paper and steel. In addition students that have been signed off on Basic Rifle will also have an opportunity to shoot their carbines and perform transition drills.  Please visit us at the front desk to register or email us at your convenience


Private sessions are available to those individuals seeking a more personalized experience @ $175/hour.  Please contact our office to schedule a private session.  A female instructor is available upon request.


This class has been developed to provide a strong foundation for the AR-15 platform.  Although, you may take each series at different times, the order in which you take the class is critical for your success.   The series will begin Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017.  You may register for one or all three classes based on your available schedule.

Rifle 1: is in the classroom AT ARTEMIS on Thursday, May 3, 2018 @6:00PM - 9:00PM.
This portion of the class is about Fundamentals / Dry Fire Practice, do not bring ammo - 12 students maximum

Rifle 2: is at Evans Shooting Range in Orange on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 @10:00AM - 11:45AM
This portion of the class will focus on Reloads while shooting live rounds - 12 students maximum
Rifle 3: is at Evans Shooting Range in Orange on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 @12:15PM - 2:00PM. 
This portion of the class will focus on Malfunctions while shooting live rounds - 12 students maximum

The class is open to the public @ $150 / class

Call (949) 305-6586 and register with a team member today!

Due to the prerequisites necessary for Rifle 2 and Rifle 3, all reservations will be taken by one of our team members when you call (949) 305-6586.  Subsequent training programs will be introduced as layers of techniques are designed to advance you through various skill sets. 

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