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We are trainers who coach professional as well as everyday men, women and children to be situationally aware, cognizant of their own abilities and ready to defend themselves when moments count using stress inoculation and realistic training scenarios.

Meet the owners: Steven and Sandy Lieberman


For a lack of a better word, we are a virtual shooting facility.  Our focus is on training firearm owners in the use of their firearm under stressful conditions... whether for self defense at home or as a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons permit ) holder.


We are not a video game center.  All sessions held at our facility will always incorporate training.  Fundamental skill sets, situational awareness techniques or when to and when not to shoot, as well as civil and criminal liabilities are discussed during all debriefs held at Artemis. 


Over two years ago, we began our search for a business that we might be able to do together.  We considered seeking a franchise, opening a coin laundry, a stand alone restaurant and even opening an Artisan Bread Cafe and Bakery from scratch (no pun intended).   It wasn’t until July 2012, that we realized that all the other business ideas would leave us feeling empty and somewhat unfulfilled.  We incorporated Steven’s passion for firearms, self defense and our desire to train and educate those around us.  

After many iterations, the basic business model for the Artemis Defense Institute was designed... and we found ourselves on a plane to Tempe, Arizona where we would demo the VirTra Systems for the first time.  There was instant chemistry!  We knew that our business platform could prove to be successful if we planned and executed accordingly.  We brought the VirTra 100 home in late November.  For the next three months the 12 x 8 screen filled our family room where we welcomed our friends and family members to trial and test the system.  By late December, we had found our building, started the permit process and purchased the VirTra 180 and 300... and the execution component of our plan... initiated.

There were things we expected....and things we didn't expect.  The most exciting thing for us was our first contract with the Orange County Sheriffs dept.  This was something we didn't solicit.  They found us...and liked what we were offering.  

Then the Special Forces guys started showing up.... yeah, that was cool too!

We also were not prepared for the social component of this enterprise.  Soon after our launch Artemis started to form into an extended family and deep rooted friendships began to be formed.

We hope you will soon visit us!  We are thankful for the fantastic staff that we have been able to collect and grateful for all the support from the community that we have received thus far! 

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