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Artemis Defense Institute Group Training sessions are for up to 12 Trainees. These classes last about 1 hour 45 minutes each (excluding "Short" classes, which limit the number of trainees and time). 

The Pistol Series: These classes are designed for new shooters, or those that want to focus in on the fundamentals of shooting. These classes are broken down into 6 modules. Each class will cover 2 modules at a time. For more information, click "Pistol Series" below

Transition Series: These classes are transitional classes between the Pistol Series and 4M Intermediate classes. There are 6 different Transition classes which focus on different aspects of Combat Effective shooting, along with the tactics and mindset necessary to participate in the 4M Intermediate classes. THIS CLASS REQUIRES INSTRUCTOR CLEARANCE TO ATTEND

4M Intermediate - These are Intermediate classes which run 7 days a week, at varying times. Every week, there is a new Course of Fire, focusing in on a specific skill or tactic. Shooters can attend the same 4M Intermediate class multiple times throughout the week, and develop on the same skill set for the entire week. THIS CLASS REQUIRES INSTRUCTOR CLEARANCE TO ATTEND




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