Artemis Defense InstituteYou have the RIGHT to bear arms… You have the RESPONSIBILITY to train!


Instructor and Operators 

Artemis Defense Institute (ADI) trains situational awareness and stress management to individuals using the most advanced simulators available to law enforcement and military agencies.  In 2013, ADI partnered with VirTra Systems to be the first in Southern CA to offer firearms training to civilians using Glock 22 Pistols and AR-15/M-4 Battle Rifles. Additionally, we train in less lethal alternatives using pepper spray / OC Spray and Tasers.  Current clients  of ADI range from contracts with local law enforcement, ex military special forces, firearms enthusiasts and brand new shooters.  Although, nothing replaces live fire practice, use of the best "judgemental-use-of-force" and "force-on-force" training tools; the Virtra 100, VirTra 180 and the VirTra 300 along with the curriculum developed specifically for ADI... training has become as realistic as is gets.

ADI is a privately held young company that saw a need to fulfill a niche...  We are seeking a candidate who is agile, flexible as well as creative to grow with the company.

To apply, please send us a cover letter, a resume (if you have one) and an application.  To download an application, please click here.  Please email your cover letter, resume and application to or fax your packet to (949) 305-6628.  Please no phone call!

Thank you for your interest at the Artemis Defense Institute

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