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Defensive Shooting

This program will prepare students with firearm safety, proper presentation from the holster, understanding the underlying principles that differentiate defensive shooting from recreational shooting, terminology, shooting fundamentals, functional & efficient movement and weapons manipulations. 

The goal with this training is to gain a strong understanding of fundamental skill sets prior to incorporating major movement to a defensive shooting situation.   This is a prerequisite to the intermediate marksmanship.

Due to the limitations on registration, please register for the class prior to attending... you may be turned away if the class is already full.

No membership is required for this program. 

ATTN: GROUPON HOLDERS... you MUST bring a copy of your GROUPON or provide it on your mobile device or you may be charged again.

    Due to the popularity of this class and the limited number of trainees that we can accommodate during a session... full payment is required 24 hours prior to the start of class... if payment is NOT received, you will be removed from the class to make room for another trainee.  If using a voucher as payment, and you "no show", your voucher will be redeemed without notice.

    Stance - Grip - 5 Count Presentation - Sight Picture - Trigger Control - Follow Through

    Self Correction - Movement Drills - Admin Reloads - Tactical Reloads - Speed Reloads

    Malfunction Drills - Marksmanship Accuracy vs Combat Effectiveness - Drills

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