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There is something here for everyone!

Whether you carry a firearm for a living, have been shooting for years... or a complete novice... we have a program for you!

Once only available to law enforcement and military agencies, the Artemis Defense Institute (ADI) has partnered with VirTra to be the first in Southern CA to offer the most advanced simulator training available to civilians. Although, nothing replaces live fire practice, use of the best judgemental-use-of-force training and ballistically accurate tools; the Virtra 100, VirTra 180 and the VirTra 300 along with the curriculum developed specifically for ADI, training is as real as it gets!

Training is available to the beginner as well as the most seasoned shooter. Fundamental skill sets, presence of mind, mental agility, tactics, strategies, verbal skills and less lethal options, in addition to deadly force training are available. Whether you are interested in just seeing what we have available or committing to a long term training program, there is something here for everyone.

Our goal is the ultimate mastery of skill at arms.  We do this through a combination of group training, personal training, and live fire training. Each aspect of our curriculum builds on itself.  Learning never stops at Artemis.  

THE ULTIMATE GOAL AT ARTEMIS is to get your fundamental skill sets to a level to enroll you in our 4M GroupClass.  The classes are intermediate to advanced level classes with the assumption that you are familiar with your fundamental skill sets.  The marksmanship tactics class is currently offered seven days a week in 1 3/4 hour increments.

Getting Started at Artemis


You can choose to train privately by yourself, or with up to four (4) of your closest friends or family members.
The total cost and time is based on the number of participants that you decide to bring with you.

For more information or to book a private training session please call our office (949)305-6586 or use our online  reservation system.

For groups larger than 10, please contact our

special events coordinator or call (949) 305-6586

We have membership programs too, to learn more  about them,  be sure to visit our membership page..

You can register for one of the various programs offered to the general public through our
calendar of eventsIncluded, but not limited to the following programs...

  • Pistol 1, 2, 3, Drill/Transition Class and 4M Classes
  • Pre-CCW | CCW Training | POST CCW | ADD-A-GUN
  • Guest Trainer Series
  • Date night
  • NRA Certified Classes
  • Live Shoots
  • Ladies Only Classes
  • Learn to Hunt Classes
  • Youth Situational Awareness Programs
  • and more... see our calendar for a complete list of programs

ALL training start in our Lab...


Then we head out to Prado

Shooting Training


Private Training



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