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Travis H.

“If you want to learn how to shoot in a real world environment this is the place to be. No other place offers something this amazing. I would highly suggest going here if you want to learn how to shoot or if you want to hone in on your skills. They are like personal trainers for your marksmanship and situational awareness.”  -Christopher H.

“This facility is unlike any available to ordinary guys like me. The equipment was made for the military and law enforcement, and now for the first time, accessible to the public! I read about the virtual simulations and watched the YouTube videos on Virtra and was impressed…but even the videos didn’t do it justice. This is not like going to the range, which in my opinion, gets boring after the first paper target. Instead, you are working through real life scenarios, challenging not only your marksmanship, but your decision making skills. It’s like living a “choose your own path” adventure. Though the firearm is modified, it is still “real” with actual recoil. Additionally, you have a personal trainer helping you through your technique and thought process which is invaluable. I’ve played all the top first person shooter games over the years, however this is not like playing a game…it is living the scenario. They are “virtual” scenarios, but this is not animation. It’s the closest thing to a live, physical simulation that I know of!” -Travis H.

Terri B.

"This year I decided to take a few classes and learn some new things. One of my goals was to take a gun class. Artemis was recommended by a co-worker and we went to check it out. After having a tour of the facility and meeting the owner's we decided to take a class.

We started with the Art of the Pistol. The class was over 2 hours and started with an educational experience. The class was great and then we moved to the simulators. The simulators are very interactive and you get a very good overview of how you handle stress if someone is shooting at you. We started with the simulator that is basically paper targets, then we moved to the next two simulators that put in real life situations. This was very eye-opening in how you handle someone shooting at you and at what point do you fire back.
We all learned so much, had a really great time and can't wait to go back for other classes that they offer.

There is no live fire, the guns have been modified with CO2 canisters and I was really comfortable with this. Have you ever been to a gun range with someone on the line next to you who has bullets and never fired before? Not very comfortable. This is the place to learn.

The owner's are extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Artemis to anyone wanting to educate themselves before buying or shooting a gun." - Terri B.

Drew M.

"I can't say enough about this place. Let me begin with the fact that I am not a gun owner, nor am I a huge gun enthusiast.

That being said, ADI is a phenomenal place to get your feet wet in a totally safe and controlled environment. If you have ever wanted to shoot a gun but the idea totally freaks you out- this is the place. The systems they have use real weapons (Glock's and AR-15's), but they use laser for the aiming system, and CO2 to provide actual recoil. They are using full video systems that create simulations for the layperson up to the SPEC OPS folks.

Whether you are looking for some beginning training (How to handle a firearm, how to aim, etc) up to higher level advanced trainings, ADI is your place. The technology is state of the art, the instructors are knowledgeable and give great feedback, and the environment is both safe and comfortable.

They also offer the option of a threat alert device, issuing an 80k volt shock for a short duration whenever you are shot on a simulation. This trains you to move through the pain, and not just stop the simulation like you would if you were shot in paintball. We came out with a group of friends, and had a blast (pun intended) watching our friends wriggle when they got shot.

Check out their website, which has tons of videos and more higher level info. It's an amazing experience" - Drew M.

Jeff R.

"I called in and talked with Steven regarding my brother and I heading in to check the place out. He let us know he had availability the next night so we went in for an hour. I have grown up shooting but being immersed in a simulation based off a real life scenario is completely different. We did scenarios out on police calls, active shooters, standing at an ATM machine at night and searching cars at a military check point. When you walk into the 300 degree simulator, it becomes your world. It is VERY real.

Anyone who owns a gun NEEDS to go get trained by Artemis. It is by far the best money you will spend in preparing yourself with the necessary training for a potential deadly situation. We are planning on going back next week for a longer session." - Jeff R.

Dennis P.

"Clear explanations, devoted staff and a lot of fun. I've taken over 35 visitors to play on the simulators and pretty much every single visitor leaves with a new appreciation of the decisions that (potentially, anyway) face Law Enforcement Officers every day. Bravo to Steven, Sandy and the crew!" - Dennis P.

Richard M.

"Excellent facility for you to train in self-defense and/or force-on-force situations. Instructors are very knowledgeable about what they do, and the virtual system means you can practice how to respond in high-stress scenarios and live to learn from your mistakes. The lessons learned can be invaluable when you have to make snap judgments in real life when interacting with potential hostiles to managing the proper escalation of force." - Richard M.


"If you are looking for somethiing differant, recommend you give Artemis Defense Institute consideration. They have amazing simulation equipment that lets you shoot on a virtual range or immerse yourself in a judgemental use of force scenario. Real weapons with real feel in state of the art simulation by Virtra Systems. Whether you are a family looking for entertainment, or an individual shooting expert looking for the next challenge, this is your place. Highly recommended for 1, 2 3 or more hours of training or entertainment. Affordable and can even categorise as cheap for you get." - PortguyofVA

Ben T.

"I have been attending Artemis for about a month now and gone thru a dozen scenarios and without a doubt this training facility is the best professional facility available to the public for situational awareness on defense issues one could encounter in your daily life. As a nuclear operator we train extensively on simulator scenarios where mistakes can be made and no harm to the public. Much the same at Artemis, if you want real life situational experiences to hone in your defense tactics there is no better place to train than at Artemis. Steve, Sandy and daughter are very professional and have a great support staff to make your visit enjoyable and a learning experience you won't forget. Take advantage of their free demo and I guarantee you'll be back." Ben T.

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