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We take an idea, draw it out... 

And voila, it shows up on our system...

We have the ability to create any course of fire, competition course, or marksmanship drill. Whether it's an unique and original idea, or an upcoming competition course you are training for, we can create it.

Marksmanship courses of fire can be created on any background available in our library, or a specialized background can be created for your course of fire.

Targets are available in a variety of forms, from simple paper targets to reactive steel targets, flipping targets, and more. 

Additionally, if there is a specific target that is used in your course of fire, it can be created.  We are limited by our creativity.


Using static backgrounds, we can create scenarios utilizing live actors to create judgmental use of force scenarios involving use of communication, recognizing potential threats, and using appropriate tools to deal with that threat.

Depending on the intended use, scenarios can be made to allow utilization of handguns, rifles, pepper spray, and Tasers, along with verbal escalation and de-escalation of force.

Multi-incident scenarios, which allow for more immersion, can be created using video. These scenarios add an additional layer of judgement and decision making.

Please contact us with any technical or pricing questions at, or call (949) 305-6586

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