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Hawaii's Napolean

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 16:14 | Anonymous

Stanley Chang, State Senator, Democrat Hawaii, has had just about enough!

The temerity of the Supreme Court to think that it has the job of interpreting the Constitution is just getting out of hand.

He has introduced a resolution in the Hawaii legislature to demand that the Second Amendment be repealed or modified by Constitutional Amendment.

If you would like to read this drivel it can be found here:

The funny thing is in his resolution he essentially points out that gun control regulations enacted by the State are largely unconstitutional:

“WHEREAS, under this ‘individual right theory’, the United States Constitution restricts legislative bodies from prohibiting firearm possession, or at the very least, the Second Amendment renders prohibitory and restrictive regulation presumptively unconstitutional.”

Well, by golly, he has that right!

So, what is an anti-gun legislator to do in light of such an egregious barrier to gun control legislation?

(Well, if you are a California legislator, you ignore this completely and simply move forward promulgating unconstitutional legislation.)

If you are a Hawaii tyrant, you begin the process of amending the Constitution!  Being the petite tyrant, he graciously provides reasoning for his desire to rid himself of that pesky restraint on government power:

“WHEREAS, in light of the numerous tragic mass shootings at schools, workplaces, and public events, this body believes that it is necessary to repeal or amend the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

Yeah, that will make all those bad things go away.

But this got me thinking… there is a whole bunch of bad guys, and I mean really, really bad guys, who are walking around and victimizing people as a result of having criminal cases against them being dismissed as a result of Fourth Amendment violations on the part of law enforcement.  Let’s amend his resolution to include the following:

(If you have arrived here from our newsletter, continue reading here…)

“WHEREAS, police officers often have a difficult time securing a search warrant due to countless meetings and the requirement of filling out affidavits, and really a search warrant is an anachronistic holdover from our colonial times, this body believes that it is necessary to repeal or amend the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

… And since we are rejiggering this whole thing, why stop there?!

Cosmo… this one is for you:

“WHEREAS, the State is concerned about criminal activity and conspiracies manifesting in people’s homes outside the view of agents of the State, and in acknowledgement that people tend to alter their behavior and are more compliant in the presence of agents of the State, be it resolved that Military and Law Enforcement shall forego the establishments of private residences, and instead be quartered among the citizens generally in their homes and dwellings.  To enact this policy, this body believes that it is necessary to repeal or amend the Third Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

And, of course, for those of you who read last week’s blog:

“WHEREAS, the police of the State require funding through the seizure of assets from defendants convicted of criminal acts regardless of the nature of the infraction, or the nexus between their property and their crimes; and…

WHEREAS, the United States Supreme Court has unanimously ruled in Timbs v. Indiana that the Eighth Amendment via the Fourteenth Amendment protects a fundamental individual right against excessive fines, this body believes that it is necessary to repeal or amend the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Of course, we could also include religion, a jury trial, and voting while we are at it.

Senator Stanley Chang, yes, “the stupid is strong in this one.”

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